VTCS is driven by a special interest in ensuring that the vision impaired lead more meaningful and independent lives at home or work. We do this by offering specialist advice, information and training.


We recognize that each case has its individual characteristics and there is no universal approach. We ensure therefore, that each client is given free independent and friendly advice on all aspects of access technology. In addition, in order to establish the right access technology solution for each client, a full assessment of the client’s needs in their work or home environment is caried out following One to one discussions.

VTCS can, based on our personal experiences as users and trainers, also recommend and help procure products and resources which clients who contact us can use for their day-to-day activities at home, work or in school. These include: Screen readers, screen magnifiers, OCR software and access technology hardware including video magnifiers, Braille displays and note takers, as well as desktop PCs , laptops, peripherals and leading mainstream software. If the reason for your visit is not listed here, please get in touch using our contact details to enquire about it. There is every chance that we will be able to point you in the right direction.